South Lyon teen battling dystonia wins homecoming queen

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Seventeen year-old Breanna Strange is trying to change the world one hug at a time.

"Breanna has never been angry a day in her life, she wakes up with a smile on her face, she is happy to be part of life," said David Strange, Breanna's father.
FOX 2: "How excited have you been?"

"It's so exciting," she said.
The senior at South Lyon High School lives with a condition called Dystonia, a painful disease that affects her muscles.

"She inspires you, she moves you, and after you are done meeting her, you are an entirely different person," said David.
"She has taken her condition and flipped the script on it," said Kinsey Nally, Breanna's friend. "Her smile is so contagious, he inspires you she moves you and after you are done meeting her you are an entirely different person.
"I swear her smile is so contagious, she's just awesome," said her friend, Kinsey Nally. 
Wherever you see Breanna - you see her best friend Kinsey Nally. For the last two years, Kinsey has been up to something to make Breanna's senior year unforgettable.
"It was sophomore year I think and they named the homecoming queen and I was like that would be really awesome if it was like if it was Bre," Kinsey said.
She been on a mission to make Breanna the Homecoming Queen - and it wasn't a hard sell.
"It really speaks volumes of how awesome our student body is," Kinsey said. "Because everybody was willing to get behind this cause."
Bre was then nominated to Homecoming Court.  

"I'm glad to be nominated," Breanna said.
Dressed in a beautiful white dress, she was ready to find out if she would be crowned at the big Homecoming game. With anticipation they waited on the field and sure enough, it was a picture perfect moment for this special young woman.
"The pain that she goes through every day and the way she's able to smile through and bring joy to others and think of others over herself just shows how amazing she is," said Kinsey. "And I think everybody should really aspire to be like that."
There are treatments out there for dystonia - but they have not been successful for Breanna. If you want to donate to find a cure go to