'Super Drunk' woman drives by mistake to Milford Police Station

Milford police made the easiest drunk driving arrest of their careers when a super-intoxicated woman accidentally drove herself to the police station. The 21-year-old Milford woman was trying to drive herself home after a night drinking with friends on February 22, but she ended up at the police station.

Milford Police Chief Tom Lindberg says the woman pulled into the parking lot that is reserved for officers. Police approached her idling car and could smell the booze when she rolled down the window. She told police she was lost and was checking her GPS.

"We put her through the sobriety test and she failed miserably," Lindberg says. She told police she had two drinks a few hours ago, and later said she had three beers. 

Police found that her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

"We're talking about a 21-year-old that can get up to a .22, .24. That's really something we don't like to see. It can't be her first night that she's been out drinking without getting sick or passing out to get that high," Lindberg says.

Thankfully, no one got hurt while she was behind the wheel.

"As I was talking to the officers about it they said she was one of the most polite young ladies you'd ever want to run into," Lindberg says. "She said 'please' and 'thank you' to everyone and actually apologized to the officers for what she had done."

The woman will be charged under Michigan's 'Super Drunk' law. This is the first time she's been arrested for drunk driving and has not yet been arraigned.