Thieves break into Atwater Brewery in Grosse Pointe on camera

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Discovering signs of a break-in wasn't the start to the day they were hoping for, at Atwater Brewery in Grosse Pointe Park.

"Doors can be replaced. the safes can be replaced; money can be replaced. Lives can't. We are thankful for that part of it," said Mark Rieth, the owner.

When a manager came in to open up the bar they noticed someone had been there overnight.

"Those doors were busted in and the safe was taken," said Rieth.

The owner checked the eight cameras in the store and found out exactly what happened.

"They entered through a backdoor, shimmied it with a screwdriver, were able to get in," Rieth said. "And they made a bee line for the office entrance."

While the crooks got away with the cash in the safe, they didn't take everything.

"They left a bag behind with tools and the screwdriver they used, a hoodie that could incriminate somebody," Rieth said.

They certainly didn't take anything away from the people who intend to come out celebrate the start of the holiday season.

"It's the day before Thanksgiving and we are going to be open and thankful no one was injured and come celebrate health and happiness," Rieth said.

All of the evidence and security camera footage has been turned over to Grosse Pointe Park police.