Thieves drive truck into party store for empty ATM

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On video a pickup truck blasted through a party store wall in Warren.

The two thieves were after the ATM - little did they know the machine didn't have any cash, and they were about to leave empty-handed.

The attempted smash and grab on happened on Nine Mile in Warren - Thursday morning at Korner Party Store. The store owner Tom Salem says he's been on alert after previous robberies in the area. 

Thieves used a pick-up truck to smash through the front but Salem says they didn't get away with anything

"What they got was not worth it," Salem said. "They don't want to go to jail for this. What you see is more damage. They didn't take anything. Even if you get into an ATM, what are you going to get, $100?"

Salem took the cash out of the ATM he says that's what the thieves were looking for and after other businesses were hit in the area he decided take the money out as a precaution.

Even though the suspects didn’t steal anything, Salem is faced with tens of thousands of dollars of damage to his party store.

"Thirty, forty thousand," he said.