Third sibling in a row named valedictorian at Monroe Co. high school

She's the first in her class - but she's not the first in her family to achieve the honor. 

Amelia Corne became the third consecutive sibling in her family to earn the title of Valedictorian at Airport High School in Monroe County. 

"Honored, really. I put a lot of hard work to get here and it's really exciting to just finally be here and have that honor," she said.

Her sister Bethany was valedictorian in 2014 and her brother, Lane, in 2016. Both are now college graduates out working in their fields.

"Bethany had done it before me and being only two years older and in the same high school with the same teachers, even at the same time for a couple of years, it was kind of a challenge set forth," Lane said. 

"It's not all about the title - it's more about the work you put in to get there and the things that you learned about working hard and reaching a goal, but it was kind of nice to get it at the end," said Bethany. 

All of the siblings are so proud of each other. Amelia is hoping graduation isn't canceled because of COVID-19. She really wants to give that commencement speech she watched her brother and sister deliver. She already knows a little bit about what she wants to say. 

"Something I've been really thinking about a lot is how we've all learned to be more grateful for what we have in this moment," she said - like friends and teachers she wishes she still had a little more time with.

She'll miss choir and honor society and all those advanced placement classes. All will take her far as she heads to Saginaw Valley State University to study mathematics and become a high school math teacher.

"I was inspired by all of the teachers that I had at Airport and I wanted to do what they do."

"She's obviously well-rounded and driven - goal-driven - her family's super duper supportive. They're supportive of Airport Schools," said superintendent John Krimmel. He's already excited about the next member of the Corne family, but Sammy is only in first grade so it will be a few years.

Meanwhile, parents Chris and Danielle are just proud of what all of their children have accomplished so far, especially their latest valedictorian.

"Very proud, very proud of Amelia and very thankful to Airport Schools for all the opportunities that she was given and the support," Danielle said. 

"We have an engineer, we have a communications and PR person and a teacher - it's like, we're covering a lot of bases here with these kids," Chris said.