VIDEO: Hero grandpa forces intruder off roof

23-year old Brandi Wrenn looks up to the top of her family's La Puente house and says, “My grandpa is on the roof.” There's a sense of concern in her voice, but there's a reason Wilford Burgess is up there and it's not to clean the shingles.

There's a man, believed to be in his 20's, Hispanic and possibly on drugs. He's just jumped from one rooftop to another...ultimately landing on Burgess's home.

Wrong house to do that.

The family inside was scared. Burgess's daughter Crystal Burgess says she didn't know if the guy had a weapon or what he was doing.

Brandi pulled out her trusty smartphone and started shooting video and captured all of the action as her grandpa - everyone calls him Mr. B - climbed a ladder, got up to the rooftop and took off after the man.

Deputies were there. Sheriffs negotiators tried to talk him down but, Mr. B got a little weary of the drama being created by the intruder. He told the intruder, “When I come back you’re coming off my roof. I’m coming up there. I’m coming to get you.”

Mr. B goes on to say, “I started to pop him with my fist but I didn’t. I grabbed him somehow or another and got that guy where he went off and hit the hood of that car. I really didn’t care. I figured this is my house. I pushed him off...for me…I forced him off."

The man was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Meanwhile, on this day after Deputies came to check on him.. offered to try to get the window fixed and handed him a "challenge coin" - a souvenir from the department.

As for Mr. B... he's 83! You'd never know it by looking at the video of him on the roof protecting his house and family.

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