Violence on Facebook; the fall of Bill O'Reilly

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Part 1: Violence on Facebook

A vicious beating of three men in Greektown last weekend made national headlines because it was caught on camera and posted on social media.

In Cleveland, a cold blooded killer gunned down a man on Facebook Live. Is social media violence the the new normal - or is there something we can do to stop it?

On the panel:

Karen Dumas, 910 AM radio host, former city hall insider

Don Tanner, co-founder of Tanner-Friedman public relations

Dr. Gerald Shiener, psychiatrist

Pastor Orvella Davis, part of a city-wide movement to stop the violence.

Part 2: The fall of Bill O'Reilly

The biggest name in cable news is taken down by a sexual harassment scandal.

Is he a victim as well, or there a changing of the tide in in harassment awareness. And what does this mean for FOX News as well as the country.

On the panel:

Karen Faett, conservative attorney

Karen Dumas

Don Tanner

Dr. Gerald Shiener.