Warm temps return but how long will the thaw last?

On Monday downtown Detroit's temperature was in the 30s.

"It's beautiful out here," said Mario Kozlowski. "It almost feels like a spring day... woke up happy this morning."

After 12 days of being in the deep freeze, southeastern Michigan is finally thawing out.

Below zero temperatures were downright unbearable and dangerous warming centers were overflowing. There were at least 2 weather related deaths last week Friday morning the wind chill felt like -30 below.

"Last week we had a lot of arctic air coming down from Canada," said Derek Kevra, FOX 2 Weather Authority. "This week we got warm air surging up from the south. It is just a huge change with these air masses with these extreme temperature shifts."

If you think the weather feels warm now, wait until Thursday.

"The forecast high Thursday is for 50 degrees," Kevra said. "That is a huge swing with temperatures.

"That is kind of what we're used to, though. Being from Michigan this time of the year we can get cold stretches, we can get milder stretches, and we can go back to a cold stretch before you know it."

This coming weekend the forecast is calling for a return to chilly temps in the teens.