Warren man who survived Las Vegas shooting gets WYCD 99.5 surprise

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Lee Dorchak was one of the hundreds of people wounded in the Las Vegas massacre, taking a bullet to the leg.

FOX 2 helped Dorchak get home to Detroit in the aftermath of the deadly shooting - now he's taking a big step in his recovery.

"I'm standing upright and I'm walking, things are going good," he said. "I'm glad to be doing it. I am getting back to somewhat of a normal life."

 Lee Dorchak has wanted nothing more than a life returning back to normal after being shot in the worst mass shooting in modern history -  October 1st, Las Vegas.  Jason Aldean was playing his last song when gunshots started overpowering the music.  His world.  His life would change forever.  

Shot in the leg, the trauma is deeper than any bullet wound.  Dorchak went back to Las Vegas for the first time since the shooting three weeks ago. It was a reunion of fellow concert goers from that night.  Part music, part therapy of sorts. 

"We went and enjoyed Luke Combs at Treasure Island so that's the first concert we went back to," Dorchak said. "And it was nice going back with that group of people and I intend to go to more of them. That's the thing it's part of the country music family."

And what better country music concert to go to then with family.  WYCD 99.5 is giving away select tickets to the Ten Man Jam.  Ten country stars, some of whom were at the Vegas Show in October. They'll be unplugged at the Fillmore in February.  

FOX 2 called 99.5 and they decided to give Dorchak and his son tickets to the country music concert. 

"We are happy to help Lee and do a good thing for him," said Tim Roberts, WYCD 99.5 program director. "He Went through a tragedy and we are all bonded together in that. And the country music community is very strong in that area."

"I think that's awesome of them," Dorchak said. "I know that there's a concert they're sending me to, the only way to get the ticket is to win the ticket.  They're reaching out to me and saying they are going to send me to this and make sure I enjoy it."

"We thought this is a perfect way to help Lee out and really the country music community is so bonded and strong together we have a hashtag #CountryStrong and this is the epitome of it," Roberts said.

"That's a big deal and it is awesome of them," Dorchak said. "Thanks to them for making it happen."