Warren woman sexually assaulted in her home: Something told me to survive

It's a nightmare she never thought she'd experience.

"I kept hearing something telling me to survive. I thought about a few people -  my family, I thought of my children," said the victim, Taneesha. "I thought about my brother and sister, I thought about everybody.

"It was horrible, I feel so bad, I don't know why I had to go through this."

On Saturday morning - Taneesha who prefers to keep her identity hidden says, she woke up at her usual time at 7 a.m. and stepped outside her home on Sherman Street to water her flowers.
The 37-year-old says she noticed a man riding a bike nearby - the man on that bike was later identified as 24-year-old George Patterson. She says the man then came up to her, parked his bike and appeared to have been looking for someone who used to live there. Taneesha kindly answered and went about her business. 

But that man hung around and got personal, asking her name, if she was married and if she lived alone.
"I told him it's none of his business, I don't know you and to get away," she said.

But Taneesha says when she went inside, Patterson came up to her door. Taneesha, briefly spoke to him through the door. But, Taneesha says her phone rang and when she quickly went to grab it - Patterson forced himself inside.

"He ran and he grabbed me," she said. "He was like, 'Come here,' I'm like get out my house," she said.

Trying desperately to get away, Taneesha says - Patterson began sexually assaulting her.

"He was really strong and I asked him to get off of me," she said. "He did penetrate me a few times and then he did some other things to me. I just I felt helpless and I felt hopeless."

Taneesha says George Patterson's moods kept changing - at one moment violent and angry - and the next, he was calling her his wife, hoping they could be together.

After an hour begging for him to leave, Patterson took off on his bicycle. Taneesha called a friend - and then, Warren police.

"When I finally got him out, I hurried up and I locked the door," she said.

Prosecutors say Warren police were able to use a tracking dog - and trail Patterson to the area of Seven Mile and Van Dyke area - but lost the scent.

Warren police later spotted Patterson after Taneesha had given them a detailed description. Patterson tried to run - but cops caught up to him.
"Thankfully Warren police acted quickly and he was arrested quickly," said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.

Patterson, who, records show had been on probation for home invasion, is now charged with first degree Home Invasion, first degree criminal sexual conduct and resisting police. He was denied bond and is now facing life behind bars.

"And I can tell you he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and we are going to keep him off the street as long as possible," Smith said.