Watch: Bernie Sanders speaks at Detroit rally, makes push for Tuesday's primary

The Michigan Democratic Primary is next week leaving front-runner Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders in a last-minute push for support.

Sanders has a busy weekend in Michigan starting tonight in Detroit. at the TCF Center downtown. Watch the rally below.

Overall, Biden has 664 delegates to Sanders’ 573. Sanders started the week with a six-delegate lead. Biden’s performance was all the more remarkable considering his slow start in the first three contests. Less than a month ago, Biden didn’t win a single delegate in New Hampshire.

The contest could now become a drawn-out two-man battle for delegates to win the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July. It takes a majority of pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses - 1,991 - to win the nomination on the first ballot. With only two viable candidates left in the race, the prospect of a contested convention is remote.

The race now enters a key stretch as voters in 10 states cast ballots over the next two weeks. Sanders scrapped an appearance in Mississippi to campaign in Michigan - the largest prize on Tuesday, when six states representing 352 delegates vote. Sanders’ move was an acknowledgement that he stands little chance of blunting Biden’s edge with black voters in the South and must focus on fighting back in the Midwest.

The Michigan Democratic Primary is expected to exceed the turnout in 2016.

--The Associated Press contributed to this report