West Village launches Detroit neighborhood's first ground-up development in 20 years

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The Strategic Neighborhood Fund has helped with Detroit Development which is coming online next week.

Coe at West Village, 18,810 square feet of mixed-use space will be the first "ground-up" development built from scratch in the Detroit neighborhood in more than two decades. 

The fund is a $30 million fundraising effort in partnership with the City of Detroit.

They're focusing on three neighborhoods southwest Detroit, the Livernois- McNichols area and West-Village.

The $4 million project got $1.5 million from the fund and will see its first residents move in Thursday.

It currently has 100 percent residential occupancy, and a hot yoga studio already scheduled to move in. The other half of the retail space is expected to be occupied by a restaurant, according to developer Clifford Brown.

Brown's company Woodborn Partners is also responsible for the $65 million Detroit development, "The Scott at Brush Park."

He sees buildings like these as part of a larger "transformative" re-development framework in Detroit's renaissance. 

"It means that it shows people you can do Development in this neighborhood," Brown told FOX 2.

Eight of the building's 12 residential units are 1,378 square feet town homes. Three are affordable housing apartments, and one is a more traditional apartment.

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