Woman says man exposed self to her great-granddaughter at Taylor Hobby Lobby

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A Taylor family has a warning for others after they say their 5-year-old girl was the victim of an indecent exposure at Hobby Lobby.

This happened while the girl was with her great grandmother. She noticed that man seemed to have been following them but had no clue until after the fact that he was exposing himself.

"You know, it's almost like it violates you. Her and me," says Helen Justice. It's a feeling Justice just can't shake.

"She said that he was showing her his 'kitty,'" Justice says. "She said he was pulling his shirt up and showing her his kitty."

It happened inside a Taylor Hobby Lobby around 5:30 p.m. Monday. Helen and her granddaughter Alicia, the 5-year-old girl's mom, called Hobby Lobby and told them what happened. Then staffers watched the video.

"Personally, one of the managers told us they can see him following them through the aisles," Alicia says. "And it was three to four different times he actually exposed himself to her."

Alicia told her friends on Facebook about the incident and learned one of them had a similar experience. While the man in that case did not expose himself, he did follow the woman around the store.

"She went up to the counter and said, 'You know, there was a guy following me in here,' and they go, 'Oh, yeah, we've had a couple of complaints about that guy,'" Alicia says.

A manager at Hobby Lobby would only say they've been in contact with police. There has been no comment from Hobby Lobby's corporate media team, but the Taylor Police Department is investigating.

"The only reason that I'm here is, what about the next kid?" Alicia says. "I don't want there to be a next kid. I want traffic cams. I want to find this guy; I want him to be in jail. I want him to be put away."

The girls' great grandmother describes the guy as a white man about 5 feet 6 inches tall with a slim build. He was wearing blue jeans and a checkered T-shirt with a picture on it over a hoodie.

Taylor police is investigating and has surveillance video of the suspect inside the store. If you were there when this happened and have any information that may be helpful to investigators, please call the police at (734) 287-6550.