Woman spots her stolen car on a viral video

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A woman in search of a car stolen from her driveway got quite the surprise when she opened up a Facebook post: her car was caught on cell phone video at the scene of a crime.

"A friend of mine shared the Facebook post with me. I was alarmed. I was like, 'That's the car!" said Denise Wilson, who reported the Mercedes 2008 S-550, loaned to her by a friend, stolen Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood off Six Flags Drive in Cobb County.

Thousands of people have now seen the video of a Cobb County crime scene with individuals called "possible suspects," in which neighbors found cars and garages broken into, Monday, as storms rolled into the Metro.

Cobb County Police said they are investigating the people seen in that Facebook video seen getting into Wilson's missing Mercedes. A neighbor told FOX 5 News he took out his cell phone and started rolling when he saw people rummaging through garages and cars in the subdivision off Atlanta Road and Interstate 285.

"That is unbelievable," Wilson said, angered at the criminals who took the vehicle on a crime spree. "You're just out joyriding with no accountability. It's frustrating," she said, as this is the second time a vehicle has been stolen from her driveway. Police tell FOX 5, they are investigating if the culprits targeted her home twice.

Police said they are working to track the thieves down and tie them to the Mercedes car theft and break-ins in the West Village neighborhood. Officers said they did not want to release any more identifying information to protect the case.

The vehicle is described as a 2008 silver Mercedes s550 with license plate RCH4033.

Anyone with information on the people in this video or the vehicle is asked to call Cobb County Police or Crime Stoppers.

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