Woman who killed 19-year-old while fleeing police gets 15 to 30 years

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The woman who caused a crash that killed a 19-year-old in Warren was sentenced Friday.

The parents of victim Daziah Crawford say they can't even describe their pain, but got to face the driver who took her life in court. Daziah was one month from turning 20 years old.

Alyssa Verbekes was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison after accepting a plea deal of second degree murder.

 It was back on August fifth when prosecutors say Verbekes, 28, had been high on drugs and fleeing from police, when she smashed into the car Daziah Crawford had been driving with her younger brother at Fairport and Lappin streets.

The two were on their way back from church just blocks away from home. Daziah's car was thrown 46 feet.

"Alyssa Verbekes recklessness and taste for drugs killing my daughter and almost killing my son as well, " said Nathaniel Crawford, her father.

"My heart is shattered and only God can mend it,' said Natavia Crawford, her mother. "I would arrive at the scene to see a mangled car and she appeared to be lifeless." 

The 19-year-old was already in her third year at Eastern Michigan University and studying journalism. Daziah Crawford was known for her philanthropy and passion for singing.
"I hope and pray that Alyssa Verbekes is haunted... beautiful voice she silenced," said Nathaniel.

With the plea deal, four counts were dropped. Verbekes is a habitual offender with a history of fleeing police, weapons and drug charges, home invasion and prostitution. On Friday she apologized to the Crawford family.

"I still would like for the family to know how apologetic... and her chance at life," she said.

Despite, at times, this family feeling agonizing anger...

"She should be put in a place with no windows and no doors... total darkness... nothing can get in and nothing can get out," Nathaniel said.

And paralyzing pain... 

"Today, Alyssa Verbekes," said Natavia. "I forgive you."