Wounded Detroit police officer, young father Glenn Doss fights for his life

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A Detroit police officer is fighting for his life after being shot late last night on the city's east side.

Officer Glenn Doss underwent at least two surgeries after he was struck in the chest and head while responding to a domestic violence call in the 5500 block of McDougall. The suspect was taken into police custody early this morning.

Meanwhile it was Doss' partner who rushed him to Detroit Receiving Hospital after the shooting.

"Unfortunately I have been to this hospital too many times to visit police officers who sustained gunshot wounds," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. "Too many times. When will it end."

It's a question with no easy answer. Chief Craig was at DRH again looking in on another officer critically wounded officer in the line of duty Thursday night.

Natalie Scott is the suspect's wife and says he suffers from a mental illness.

"He's not that type of person. He's not himself,” she said. "He's no evil person. I feel sorry and prayers to the family, but this just not him."

That begs the question -- why was he armed? According to investigators the suspect had roughly nine guns registered in his name and Chief Craig says his Concealed Pistol License was revoked.

"If a person is a legal gun owner and at some point they're diagnosed with some form of mental illness, there's got to be a way to flag that.," said Craig.

Craig says Doss' shooting highlights the severity of the mental health crisis and the danger it poses to both police and the mentally ill.

"I know this is something that we've had conversations, and I'm going to continue to push this - because we are going to be down this road again," Craig said.

"It's heart shaking," Arthur Edge, Detroit 300 Action Team. "Here is a man out here trying to make our city safe every day and to be shot for whatever reason, is unnecessary."

The Detroit 300 Community Action Team sent up prayers outside Detroit Receiving Hospital, pulling for the young officer whose life and career is very much just beginning.

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Doss has a 9-month-old son named Eli.  He joined the force two years ago following the footsteps of his father, a law enforcement veteran with 18 years behind the badge. 

"I remember his dad, " Craig said. "One because he works in the 10th precinct.  But also when I swore his son in and presented him his badge almost two years ago. His dad was on stage in uniform with his son.

"This hits personally."

Doss' family is asking the public for their prayers.