SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Don Carey, Sean Baligian & John Niyo

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Sean Baligian & John Niyo Sunday night on the SportsWorks roundtable as they started talking Tigers.  They went in depth how they are "an inconsistent line-up" and how pitching is inconsistent as well on starting rotation and bullpen.  Victor Martinez was debated and where he should be in the line-up and also the great play lately from Alex Avila & J.D. Martinez.

The Lions were next on the docket and they started off talking about Calvin Johnson and how he isn't happy how things ended with the Lions especially with having to pay back some of his signing bonus.  The crew also talked about the rookies and who will need to step up this season.

They moved on to the NHL and NBA playoffs and broke down both playoffs so far.  

Lions' safety Don Carey then joined the show to talk about his S.T.E.A.M. Day & Youth Football Camp on June 3rd and how its off the field and on the field life coaching.  You can find more information on the camp here.

Miller & Carey went on to talk about the Lions, how they keep going in the right direction this upcoming season and how he's extended his career by being able to play special teams.  

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