SportsWorks: Woody Woodriffe, Sean Baligian & Tim McCormick

FOX 2's Woody Woodriffe was joined by Sean Baligian on the roundtable to talk about the Tigers and their lack of scoring in the last 17 innings.  Sean still believes they are over achieving even with Michael Fulmer struggling to get wins.  The panel moved on to talk about what moves the Tigers might make with the trade deadline approaching and also how good Jordan Zimmermann has been pitching.  

The World Cup was next on the rundown and they gave their predictions on who could come out on top.  They talked how this World Cup has been a classic and you can watch the semi-finals on Tuesday & Wednesday at 2pm on FOX 2.  

Next on the docket were the Red Wings and their interesting offseason.  Sean breaks it all down for us and shares his frustrations.

NBA analyst Tim McCormick joined Woody to talk about the Pistons offseason.  He talked about the signing of Zaza Pachulia and what he brings to the team.  They also brought up the Jose Calderon & Glenn Robinson III signings.  Tim gave his prediction on what the Pistons will do next season.

Tim gave his thoughts on the NBA as a whole and all the crazy moves.  He gave his thoughts on who the best teams in the NBA are and if the Pistons can take that next step in the Eastern Conference.


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