Florida roommates bring horses inside home to ride out Hurricane Irma

Two Florida roommates riding out Hurricane Irma not only bunkered themselves down, but brought inside their two horses.

Georgia Mott and Taittyn Fischer posted a video leading their horses, Goose and soon-to-be mother Dixie, through their home in Okeechobee County.

FOX 35 spoke to the roommates who say although conditions there are expected to get bad in the next couple of hours, the horses don't mind hanging out indoors.

“They are loving it,” Taittyn said. “Isn’t fazing them whatsoever.”

Georgia says they decided to stay because of how chaotic it was to get out of Florida and so they could help others after it was all over.

“There were a lot of amazing people all over the southeast offering their facilities to evacuees with horses. As most of our friends who own horses moved them to concrete barns we got the idea to bring them inside the house, seeing as how it sits on a hill and is also made of concrete, we figured it was the safest choice,” she said.

So they cleaned out the laundry, lined it with hay and brought Dixie and Goose inside. Take a look:

The Okeechobee News reports there are no pet-friendly shelters in Okeechobee County.