5 tips to make spring trends fit you

When people talk style and trends, it can be difficult to work them into your everyday life. Maria Dasaro from Dawood Boutique is here to offer some help with five fashion tips for spring.

1. The business, casual look.
Tip: How to achieve that perfect look from work into night.

2. The socialite
Tip: How to achieve the perfect look for spring look wether it is going out for drinks with friends or out to dinner.
Tip: Jeans that come back around in style, NOT to throw out of your closet. Keep those Bell Bottoms on hand!

3. The perfect summer cocktail dress
Tip: Incorporating Summer's hottest colors, blue and orange, and how to make this look casual or dressy

4. The little "white" dress
Tip: Toss out black for a season! Heres out spin on how to wear the perfect little white dress instead

5. Our Summer evening look:
Tip: How to mix and match your evening look
Tip: Keep your look minimal to ensure a timeless look!