Alan's "mushroom moment" and Derek's with avocado chocolate

We've talked about Alan's "mushroom moment" on The Nine before, and yesterday Derek had a moment of his own. 

A few weeks ago, Alan took a bite of some food in the FOX 2 kitchen that he didn't realize had mushrooms in it. He hates mushrooms - and wasn't exactly able to hide his disdain on camera (as you can see in the video player above).  

Fast forward to yesterday, when something similar happened to Derek with an avocado chocolate cupcake. He wasn't into the flavor but said it was "delicious" and even took a second bite. 

"That's the ole Midwestern politeness right there," he quipped. 

The moments beg the question, though - what do you do when you have to eat something you don't like? Is saying something worth the awkwardness of the 20 minutes you're eating it? 

"If it's edible and it's not going to make you throw up, you force it down and 20 minutes later you move on," Derek said. 

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