Andiamo Cooking School: Summer Grill Options

There's still a few weeks of summer left and plenty of time to enjoy delicious food off the grill. 

Executive Chef Jim Oppat, of the Andiamo Restaurant Group, stopped by the Fox2 Kitchen Saturday morning to showcase a few of his favorite recipes, with alternatives to serving rich sauces. 

Bell Pepper and Rosemary Relish


1          cup                  Mixed color bell peppers, small dice

1/2       cup                  Tomato concasse'

1/4       cup                  Minced Green onions

1          clove                Garlic, minced

1          tsp.                  Chopped fresh rosemary or Basil

3/4       cup                  Olive oil

1/4       cup                  Balsamic Vinegar

As needed                   Salt and pepper to taste

Method: Mix all ingredient together store in the refrigerator but serve at room temp.


Tomatillo Salsa


1/2       Lb                    Tomatillos, Husk removed, Small dice

3          Tb                    Finely Minced red onions

1          Tb                    Jalapeno Peppers, Seeded, Chopped fine

Juice of                        1 Lime

3          Tb                    Olive oil

1/3       cup                  Chopped cilantro

as needed                    Salt and pepper to taste

pinch                           Sugar if Tomatillos are too sour

1/2       cup                  Tomato Juice

Method:  Mix all ingredients together. This salsa goes especially well with simple seafood, such as grilled shrimp, tuna or scallops. It's great with Shrimp cocktails or raw oysters.


Pineapple Salsa


1          cup                  Very ripe pineapple, peeled, cored and small dice

2          tsp.                  Dark brown sugar

1          tsp.                  Rice wine vinegar or white vinegar

1          Tbls.                Jalapeno' peppers, seeded, minced

1/4       cup                  Diced Red peppers

1/4       cup                  Green Onions

Juice of 1                     Lime

1          Tbls.                Chopped Cilantro

As needed                   Salt and pepper to taste

2          Tbls.                Orange juice



  1. Mix all ingredients together or you may cook this for longer storage.