BabyBit monitor keeps you and baby connected via smartphone

With having a new baby only a few months away, FOX 2's Derek Kevra wanted to start checking out the newest baby tech on the market. The only problem - he needed a baby to test it out! So, he recruited some help from his sister and his 3-month-old nephew, Ben.

They technology they're checking out is a new unit called BabyBit. It's a little device that clips onto your baby's clothes that has sensors to measure many health-related things parents want to know.

"Your baby's skin temperature, sound coming from your baby, the baby's position and relative motion, and, through the connection to your smart phone, your baby's location," explains Joe Bennett. He's the co-founder of BabyBit. He lives in california now, but he is actually from Troy, Michigan.

He decided that old school baby monitors just aren't good enough.

"We now know, with all the smartphone technology, that there should be ways for us to measure basic aspects of your baby," Bennett says.

You can see how the gadget works by watching Derek's report in the video player above.

Baby bit has launched an indie go-go page to raise money to produce the sensors. They hope to have units shipped to backers by November. Right now, you can get one for $99.
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