BD's Mongolian Grill's Southwest Buffalo Bowl

This recipe for the Southwest Buffalo Bowl comes courtesy of Jenny Phan (Dearborn location) and Michael Feldman (Canton location) of BD's Mongolian Grill. 

Southwest Buffalo Bowl:

1 c Chicken
½ c Diced red onion
½ c  Bell pepper
1 c Corn
¼ c Jalapeno
½ c  Tomatoes
1oz Lighthouse Cajun Sauce
2oz Spicy Buffalo
1/8 tbs Chili powder
1/8 tbs Season salt
1/8 tbs Lemon pepper

- Coat the bottom of your pan with oil (canola or vegetable)
- Add chicken and vegetables; sautee until chicken is cooked and the vegetables are tender
- Add sauces and seasonsings
- Finish with a splash of Cholula, a squeeze of fresh lime and cilantro.