Digging for Gold: Silver coin belt and World Series shadowbox

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This week's segment of Digging for Gold brings us a silver coin belt and a Cardinals 2006 World Series championship shadowbox.

Jason bought the silver coin belt online from someone in Tennessee. He paid $125 for it. After a little digging, Les Gold determined the belt is 97 percent silver and the value in silver right now is worth about $500!

Pat says he snagged the piece in Missouri when he was at a Make-A-Wish Foundation auction. Seth joked that the shadowbox likely doesn't have any value in Detroit, but he said the value could be anywhere between $200-$300.

If you have an item you've been curious about, you can submit it to be possibly features on our Digging for Gold segment. Les and Seth also suggest digging through your drawers for old pens and lighters, as those are often high-value collectibles. You can watch the segment in the video player above to get more helpful tips from the pawn masters.


Les and Seth say that if you bring your piece into American Jewelry and Loan, they'll appraise it for free if you mention "FOX 2's Digging for Gold."