Get Fit: My Valentine's Gift For You

With Valentine's day swiftly approaching, Nikki Fayne Jacobs is stopping by to impart some Pilates wisdom with the world. She's sharing a routine made for lovers that can be practiced by all. Partner Pilates begins with 3 of the 5 Pilates abdominal series: the roll up, a modified double leg stretch and criss cross.

Once we finish off the midsection, she takes aim at the gluteus. For that, she starts with a Dancers Bridge transition into a shoulder bridge into a single leg shoulder bridge. If that sounds a little confusing, I can assure you that it is. Check out the videos for proof that I'm helpless without the professional guidance of Nikki Fayne Jacobs. On a side note, she doesn't have a middle name. Weird, right? Ask her about it, or about the workout.