Grills and gardening - planting your own herb garden

It's June and Mother's Day is well behind us - so we think we can officially say it's safe to plant in Michigan! Who's a better teacher than a master gardener?

But don't just stop at flowers. You can plant your own herb garden - if you know the right steps to take.

Mary Gerstenberger is the Master Gardener at MSU and has the tips and tricks to make that happen so next time you're on the grill, you don't have to run to the store for a little bit of cilantro - you can snip it right from your garden!

Speaking of the grill, Chef Angelo Loria from Vince & Joe's Gourmet Market showed us how to make a few different tasty meals - from the steak to the dessert.

Watch it all in the video above!

Vince & Joe's is hosting a garden summer workshop. CLICK HERE to go to their website and get signed up!