Herb's Longevity Drink recipe

Herb Handelsman is 85 years old and a co-owner of Michigan-based "The Better Health Store." He still works everyday an can often be found doing stock work or giving advice in the Bloomfield Hills store. He takes no medication. Herb believes the reason he's lived so long and is so healthy is because of the health "concoctions" he's been making since his youth.

Herb joined us on The Nine to make what he calls his "Herb's Longevity Drink", and shares with us his 10 secrets to good health. You can get his recipe and tips by watching the segment in the video player above or continue reading below. 

Dymanic breakfast smoothie
1 Cup Mixed berries    
I Med Apple    
½ Bannana    
½ Carrot    
I Small Tomato    
1 Stok Celery    
I Slice eet    
1 i/2 Inch Ginger    
¼ Cup Chia or flax meal    
20 Grams Protein powder    
¼ Tsp  Celtic sea salt    
1 Tbsp Lecithin granules    
8 Oz Kombucha    
Green food (kale,sprouts,whatgrass, or spirulina    
¼ Cup Coconut oil    
*use organic wherever possible, serves 2      
Additional rules to follow:      
Drink the purest water possible     
Add unique supplements to over come health problems     
Use an antioxidant such as resveratrol     
Eat only meat, chicken or fish that is grass fed, free range, or wild caught     
Use only natural skin products- to avoid chemical absorption     
To maintain health & weight elininate:      
Foods with added sugar     
Foods that contain added chemicals (organic is best)     
Foods that contains grains (wheat, rye, oats, corn, rice, etc)     
Maintain a healthy digestive system use:      
Enzymes & probiotics if necessary