Low cal and organic wine recommendations from the expert

Indulging in your favorite wine while still keeping things on track for your healthy New Year's resolution is possible. 

Michael Schafer, The Wine Counselor, Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine, joined us on The Nine to show us how it can be done.

His recommendation of a low calorie wine is Barone Fini Pinot Grigio at just $12 a bottle. Pinot Grigio wines typically have the lowest carbs, which make it a lighter selection. Lighter wines also pair with lighter foods which are usually lower in calories. This particular Pinot Grigio is also lower in alcohol than other heavier whites and reds, which helps keep the sugar content of the wine down

An organic wine he recommends is Eppa SuperFruita Sangria, also at $12 a bottle. It's a Sangria featuring pomegranate, blood orange and acai with no added sugars or sweeteners. 

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