Making snow drinks with Jill of All Trades

This week on Jill of All Trades, Jill Washburn shows us what is possibly one of the best uses for snow known to man! Snow drinks!  

Yes, you read that right. 

She made delicious drinks with fresh snow for the most amazing slushy drinks ever!  And, it' super simple.

First, find a patch of fresh clean snow. It helps if it has freshly snowed within the last day or two. 

Jill says that she scrapes a thin top layer off the snow, so that she knows that what she's getting is clean. She also says that she never goes all the way down to the ground or tabletop or whatever, again, so that she knows that what she's gathering is clean. 

Once you've got a bowl of fresh snow, you're ready to pack it into your glass. Once the glass is full, you can add your drink mix, or pop, or juice to make your slush. Jill says that she makes Margaritas with snow and also Long Island Iced Teas. It's also great with homemade, fresh-squeezed lemonade. 

Jill recommends making whatever you mix just a little on the strong side, because the snow will water it down just a little. Give whatever you mix a good stir and you're ready to enjoy!

Jill's Margarita Recipe
1 can of frozen limeade
½ limeade can of tequila
¼ limeade can of triple sec

Mix together with one can of water and serve in a glassful of snow. If you are serving them the traditional way over ice, then increase the water to 3 cans.

Jill's Lemonade Recipe
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
Simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves and syrup is clear)

Mix lemon juice and syrup together in equal parts, and serve in a glassful of snow. If serving over ice, add water to taste.


To watch Jill mix drinks for The Nine crew, click on the video player above.