Men's fashion advice from Times Square in Detroit's Avenue of Fashion

Al Bartell knows a thing or two about men's clothing. It's been a part of his life for the past three decades. He owns not one but three businesses on Detroit's Avenue of Fashion, a spot in the city that's getting a big push right now for revival. 

Barrell takes great pride in the work he does at Times Square.

"Men love personalized clothes," he says. "They don't like to see someone else with something they have on. They like to go to the store and see 50 choices of the same jacket."

When it comes to trends, Barrell is ahead of the game and keeps his customers on top and on point.

As far as your suit is concerned, Barrell says count your buttons.

"Two buttons is always a classic. The more fashion - three button, four button suits - that's gone. If you have a four or three button suit, it's time to update," he says. 

Also gone is coordinating your tie and pocket square. In fact, ties are now optional. 

Also big right now color blocking and contrasting patterns.

"You could do the plaid with a polka dot tie; you could do a polka dot tie with a striped shirt; you could do a striped suit with a plaid suit," he says. "Fabric mixing is in."

And, along as the fit is right, open collars, sweaters or mock neck shirts are all on trend.