Metro Detroit company brings drawings to life

Turning your imagination into reality is something often associated with big movie companies and corporations. That's where Corey Wallace from Cadatonic comes in -- to make that possible for people like you and me.

Cadatonic takes any drawing, sketch or scribble and turns it into an action figure.

"We just need a sketch, or even an idea. If you can communicate your idea clearly to us, we'll make a 3D model for you," says Wallace.

To make these 3D models, he uses a 3D printer. The process is technical, and it involves mapping the image on a computer before printing and paying attention to every detail. You can see an example of a product made from a 7-year-old's drawing by watchinig FOX 2's Derek Kevra's report in the video player above.

"It didnt matter what the drawing looked like; we made it exactly how they wanted it," he says.

To learn more about Cadatonic, head to their website