National Coney Island celebrating 50 years

Starting with one location at Macomb mall, National coney Island is one of Michigan's oldest and most celebrated coney island chains. And they're gearing up to celebrate 50 years in the restaurant business. 

With Coney Islands on every corner, I had to see what kept them successful over the years.

"I think it's our incredible staff that we've had and the communities that we have had stores in have been great supporters of ours and we've been incredible supporters of theirs. We've had a great connection with the community and I think that's been a huge part of our success."

National Coney Island has been family owned and operated and continues to grow in popularity.

"It was a very small restaurant, just hot dogs, hamburgers and soda pop with a limited menu. The stores back then in the late 60s and early 70s were very simple stores. From a decor perspective to menus to everything that was offered. My late father Jim Giftos started in 65 was actually a stockbroker by trade. He stumbled into the business by accident but fell in love with the trade."

National Coney Island is recognized for their tasty coney, but another menu item has become just as popular. 

"There was a gentleman named Hani who worked in our sub store next door and he would experience with things in the Kitchen and he started making them for the staff. It just caught on and made it's way onto the menu and evolved a little bit. It gives the coney a good run for it's money with regards to overall sales."
They have a lot of golden offers planned for their 50th year. They've teamed up with one local charities to help them celebrate.

"Wigs for Kids has been a local charity of St. Clair Shores. We've been a long time supporter of theirs and so we've designated them as our charity of choice to donate a portion of the proceeds from the commemorative glasses that we'll be selling. We're using July, which is national hot dog month to kind of kick off a celebration that will last the rest of the year"

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Head into the restaurant today as cooks will be serving up coneys for just 50-cents today.