New book, movie series pays homage to '80s teen movies

Many of us grew up watching and love the '80s Brat Pack movies and the John Hughes films.

Author Kevin Smokler is one of those people who has a special connection with the films, and he's written a book all about it. Smokler's "Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to '80s Teen Movies" is out now.

He's also curated a film series at The Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor. Kids in America: '80s Teen Classics is running now through December 8.

The series kicks off Monday, October 10 with a double feature special evening with guests Smokler and Chicago-based writer and editor James Hughes, the son of director John Hughes.  Copies of Smokler's book will be available for purchase and signing that evening as well.

Monday, October 10           Ferris Bueller's Day Off                     7:00 PM
                                               Breakfast Club                                     9:30 PM
Monday, October 17           Sixteen Candles                                 7:00 PM
Monday, October 24           Pretty In Pink                                       7:00 PM
Monday, October 31           Adventures In Babysitting                  7:00 PM
Monday, November 7         Say Anything                                        7:00 PM
Monday, November 14       Back To The Future                             7:00 PM
Monday, November 21       Fast Times at Ridgemont High         7:00 PM
Monday, November 28       WarGames                                            7:00 PM

And if this doesn't satisfy your need for '80s films, we've thrown in some "After Dark" films as well:

Thursday, October 20         The Blues Brothers                           9:30 PM
Monday, October 31                    The Lost Boys                           9:30 PM
Thursday, November 3                 Stop Making Sense                9:30 PM
Thursday, November 17               Top Gun                                    9:30 PM
Thursday, December 8       Gremlins                                              9:30 PM

Regular ticket prices apply and tickets can be purchased online at or at the box office.