New Royal Oak restaurant serving up sushi burritos

A new restaurant in Royal Oak is serving up something unique. Yuzu Sushi. Co. prepares large sushi hand rolls and serves them burrito-style.

Owner Chef Mario Gojcaj joins us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to tell us more about the restaurant. He also shared one of his sushi recipes with us, which you can find below.

Yuzu Suchi Co. also serves rice bowls and poke. They're located at 23832 Woodward Avenue, just south of 14 Mile Road. For more information, or to view their full menu, visit

Cold Soba Noodle Recipe from Chef Mario Gojcaj

3 oz Soba Noodle
Boil in Water 12 Cups
4 minute boil then drain and run under cold water to cool

Soy Sauce 2 TBSP
Ginger 1 Tsp
Seasame Oil 2 TBSP
Salt and pepper to taste
1 TBSP Lime Juice

2 TBSP Carrot
1 1 TBSP Picked Cilantro
1 tsp seasame seeds
1 TBSP crushed peanuts

Place chilled noodle in a bowl and toss with dressing and garnishes