Rose's Fine Food making a name for itself in Detroit

Looking for some great eats? A place to checkout while you're down on Belle Isle for Grand Prix weekend, or any other time, is Rose's Fine Food. The restaurant is getting national attention for its creative menu and fresh ingredients.

Driving down East Jefferson, you could almost miss it. The small building has been home to different diners over the decades, but has been Rose's Fine Foods for the past two years.

"I came down here all the way down here from Traverse City for lunch at Rose's," one customer, Isaih Wunsch, told us.

"Everything is made with such good intent here and you can tell, you can taste it," says Noel Stall, Rose's floor manager. "In that way, I think it's a beacon for really wonderful people to come and enjoy food and enjoy each other's company. That's why I love it here. Most of the people here we see regularily because of that."

It's not what you call your typical greasy spoon diner.

"The menu changes a lot and its always fresh and delicious," says another customer, Greg Hoffman.

The menu here includes things like Grandpa Richard's pancakes, The Special Lady, which is a sweet potato and chorizo hash, and a lamb burger called the Baa Baa Baby. And then there's a dish simply called The Staff Favorite that seems popular with everyone.

"Basically a rice bowl full of really yummy stuff," Stall says.

Rose's secret to sucess seems to be it's source of ingredients - all fresh and all locally sourced. Everything here is made from scratch, a reason why you'll want to visit the pastry case before heading out the door.

Rose's Fine Food is located at 10551 E Jefferson Avenue, about two miles east of the MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle. It serves primarily breakfast and some lunch items. For more information, visit