Smoked and grilled Chicken Wings from Caya Smokehouse

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Summer is here! Let's get outside and grill.

Chef Jeff Rose from Caya Smokehouse stopped into the FOX 2 kitchen to whip up some smoked and grilled chicken wings.

5#   chicken wings cut into wings and drums
2 cups  butter milk

For the rub:
2 cups  salt
2 cups  brown sugar
1 tbl  cayenne pepper
1 tsp  dark chili powder
1 tsp  crushed red pepper
½ tsp  cumin ground
½ tsp   oregano
1 tbl  garlic powder

1 smoker box with wood chips

Soak the chicken wings in buttermilk overnight. Drain and press dry.
Season heavily with the rub.
Spray the grill grates with oil or cooking spray. Load the grill single file on the grill. Use an indirect cooking method with the flame on the side. Add a smoker box and wood chips to add smoked flavor. Cook until tender and internal temperature is 165 degrees.
Serve hot and enjoy 

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