Summer grilling tips and recipes from Ocean Prime

Summer's here and the grills are out. Chef Sean Force from Ocean Prime joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to give us some summer cooking and grilling tips.

The most important part when cooking, he says, is starting with the best products. For a truly memorable meal, get the freshest, highest quality you can find.

Thirty minutes prior to cooking, preheat your grill and pull all the food out that you plan on cooking. This will allow your grill to warm up, and it won't cool down too much when you throw your meat or veggies on.

Once your grill is hot, scrape it with a grill brush and wipe with a lightly-oiled towel.

Adjust the temperature of your grill so you have some spots hotter than the others. This will allow you to control the sear and cook the perfect end product.

If you are cooking meat, when it's done he recommends pulling it off the grill, putting it on a plate and topping with herbs and butter. Place a piece of foil over and let rest for 5 minutes. This will ensure food is nice and juicy.

Ready to try out your new grilling moves?

Chef Sean shared a recipe with us for a vegetable medly with Prime New York Strip. Click here to get his recipe.

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