Super Bowl cooking with Chef Que

One of the best parts of any Super Bowl party is undoubtedly the food. 

Chef Que with Cooking with Que joined us on The Nine to show us some heart-healthy options you can swap in to help round on your menu. 

You can watch as she prepares the dishes in the video player above, and get her recipes below. 

Vegan Chorizo Recipe
1 pkg Soy Chorizo (Trader Joes)
2 bags Daiya Shreds (Cheddar or Mozz, mix it )
1 can (or fresh chopped) NO SALT ADDED Tomatoes
2 cans NO SALT ADDED black beans
1 Frozen bag of Corn (no other adds)
2 cloves of fresh minced garlic
Cilantro (a few sprigs) chopped (optional)
In a pot start cooking your chorizo (completely remove the casing, I know.. i know, but some of you guys want specifics.. like for real for real!)
add in the corn
add in the tomatoes (drained)
add in the black beans (don't drain)
add the garlic
Add in all the cheez and let it cook, until it's melted and cheezy
Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos
1 Head of cauliflower ( cut into bite size )
4 Tsp of Olive Oil
1 Tsp (or more) fresh minced Garlic
1/2 Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo Sauce
1/2 Cup Frank's Buffalo Sauce
8 flour tortillas (For my Keto people " Mission" has "CARB SMART" tortillas with 3-6 Net carbs per tortilla )
1 Package of dark leafy greens
1 Avocado
Guacamole Salsa
Preheat oven to 425 Degrees and line your baking pan with foil
Mix in a mixing bowl the cauliflower , 4 tsp of olive oil , 1 tsp of garlic and 1 tsp chili powder. Add ONLY 1/4 cup of the buffalo sauce. Mix well and spread evenly onto the baking sheet. Cook for 10 minutes . FLIP . Then cook for another 10 minutes.
While still in the oven heat the remaining 1/2 cup of buffalo sauce in a saucepan on the stove.
Once done in the oven mix the remaining buffalo sauce in a bowl with the hot cauliflower.
Place on Tortillas top with the lettuce, avocado ,cilantro ,lime and guacamole salsa (the Daiya is optional)