TechTalk: SensoGlove

When it comes to Father's Day gifts, why buy dad something he already has? Get him a SensoGlove. A piece of technology that can help his golf game in a way it's never been helped before.

There are a lot of tech pieces that can help you get better but nothing quite like this. It's always been easier to work on the posture of shoulders, hips and feet compared to your grip. But with SensoGlove, you can now see and feel how strong your grip is. 

The SensoGlove is a golf glove with sensors built into the finger tips. The sensors alert you when you are squeezing the club too hard.

"When you hold the golf club, that's where it's going to register. You can feel all the points of pressure," said Director of Instruction Golftech Stan Sall.

Stan Sall is a golf pro and instructor. A PGA pro for 20 years. He gives lessons to Dan Miller and Woody Woodruff.

"It's a way to gage grip pressure itself. Which up to now, in my 20 years of teaching, has been a description," said Stall. 

Players can manually change the sensitivity depending on the shot. Chips and putts require a softer grip than an driver.

Stall tells us grip pressure will determine where the ball ends up.  

"The grip has the most influence on the face of the club. And the face has the most influence on the flight of the ball. Ninety percent of the reason why the ball goes where it goes is face related," said Stall. "If we can improve how to hold the golf club, not just hold it correctly but if we can improve how to squeeze is correctly, it will help us control the face which ultimately will get the ball to go where you want it to go." 

The SensoGlove is normally priced at $89. The product is on sale through Fathers Day for a 20 person discount. For more information, click here