The Epicurean Group's Formula For Flint campaign

All of The Epicurean Group restaurants and outlets (Coach Insignia, Novi Chophouse, Greenspace and Plaza Deli) are currently accepting read-to-eat baby formula for families with infant children who live in the Flint community. In exchange, you'll get 33 percent off your bill!

The goal is to allow the families of Flint to reduce the use of clean, safe, water while still confidently feeding their infant children. Some of the most affected in this crisis are the young children who are unable to voice their discomfort or symptoms of ingesting contaminated water. By replacing the need for water to the formula process we are combating two major issues Flint residents face:

1. Infant children are being fed nutritional options which have no risk of cross contamination.
2. The clean, safe, water supplied to Flint residents can now be re-purposed for mature cooking and bathing.

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