The ultimate guide to building your health bowls

Changing the way you look at your plate can help develop long-term healthy habits. 

Certified Nutritionist Heather Schember from Whole Foods Market joined us on The Nine to show us how we can rethink the way we fill up our plates. A good place to start, she says, is think about what you can "add" to your plate -- not think about what you're taking away from it. 

Each bowl should include 1/2 to one full cup of colorful veggies, which can be dry-roasted or lightly steamed, and 3 oz. of protein. This will likely be a big mental shift for most as the meat/protein isn't the main focus of the meal. 

Then, you load up your bowl with sauces and/or spices. 

Here's a guide from Whole Foods on what herbs and spices go well with certain fruits and veggies. 

You can get an example of a bowl recipe from Whole Foods online here