Wahlburgers Impossible Burger is all veggie, tastes like beef

Think a good tasting vegetarian burger is impossible? Think again. Wahlburgers has launched a new vegetarian option that cooks, tastes, and smells like ground beef - and it's made entirely from plants.

Wahlburgers was founded by Chef Paul Wahlberg along with brothers Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg and  is known for their trademark burger. Now they have a veggie option.

The Walhburger Impossible Burger has an obvious name: it's 100% meatless and is a four ounce patty with smoked cheddar, lettuce, caramelized onions, tomatoes, and Paul's signature sauce. The restaurant says it tastes just like beef. Impossible, you say? That's how it gets the name.

"Our customers have been asking for a delicious, meatless option and we are always looking for new ways to boost the Wahlburgers experience for our guests," said Paul Wahlberg, who visited Redwood City, California based Impossible Foods in 2017 and featured the Impossible Burger on the A&E reality TV show, Wahlburgers. "We're excited to announce our latest menu addition and can't wait for guests to taste the popular Impossible Burger with our very own Wahlburgers twist, that follows our restaurant's made-from-scratch philosophy and includes our signature Wahlsauce and the freshest ingredients possible." 

Curtis Nordeen, COO, Wahlburgers Midwest Franchise Group & David Johnson, Regional Manager, Wahlburgers Midwest Franchise Group were in studio on Monday to show how its done. Check it out for yourself and see the recipe here.