Where to find your favorite Girl Scout cookies in your area

It's cookie time! If you were unable to get your favorite cookies from your favorite girl scouts, they'll be on sale tomorrow at booths in your community.

Joining FOX 2 is Amanda Thomas, vice president of customer support at Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, along with Kylia Welch, one of the top cookie sellers in southeastern Michigan.
The cookie lineup and prices are as follows:

  •     Thin Mints - $4.00/box
  •     Samoas - $4.00/box
  •     Tagalongs - $4.00/box
  •     Trefoils - $4.00/box
  •     Do-si-dos - $4.00/box
  •     Savannah Smiles - $4.00/box
  •     Toffee-Tastic - $5.50/box
  •     S'mores - $5.50/box

To locate cookie booths, visit www.gssem.org/findcookies.