10-year-old boy charged after making hit list, bringing knife to Macomb County school

A 10-year-old boy brought a knife to his Mt. Clemens school after making a hit list, according to the Macomb County prosecutor.

According to Prosecutor Pete Lucido's office, the boy allegedly made a list of students who were mean to him and had called him names before bringing a knife to Prevail Academy on Tuesday. 

He is accused of asking another student to hold down a boy, so he could stab him. That student took the knife away and gave it to an adult when he was picked up from school. 

"The juvenile who gave the knife to an adult is a hero.  He saw something and said something which saved lives," Lucido said. 

Lucido charged the 10-year-old boy with solicitation of assault with a dangerous weapon and having a weapon in a weapon-free school.

The child was arraigned Wednesday and given a $500 personal bond. He must wear a GPS tether and will be under house arrest. He can only leave home for medical, school, or court purposes.

Prevail Academy will be the first school to receive the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Hero Award. Lucido created the award to honor schools when a student or staff member reports weapons, violence, or threats to school administration or police.

"We need more heroes, and that's why the Hero Award was initiated," Lucido said.