11 puppies rescued from Detroit underground cave up for adoption soon

The 11 puppies saved from an underground cave in Detroit are almost ready to find their forever homes.

As the weather grew nastier and flooding became possible, the Michigan Humane Society set to work Wednesday to rescue a litter of puppies their mother had hidden in a deep underground cave in a yard.

Workers Chris and Pam carefully pulled the puppies out one-by-one over the course of about 30 minutes.

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All 11 muddy puppies were taken to the Detroit shelter to be cleaned up and examined.

The Humane Society was also able to catch the mother dog so she could be taken care of as well.

They posted this video Friday of the puppies comfy and warm:

They say it'll be a few weeks before anyone can adopt the puppies, but those interested can submit an application to the shelter by:

  • dropping one off at 7887 Chrysler Drive in Detroit
  • sending it via regular mail
  • emailing it to social@michiganhumane.org

You can watch the rescue here: