2 Macomb County Jail deputies face criminal charges

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Two Macomb County jail deputies find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

One instance a woman spoke up with the inmate saying she had sexual contact with a worker. The other came to the sheriff’s office’s attention because a general review in the use of force.

Sgt. James Stanley was arraigned Thursday for what he allegedly did on two separate occasions. 

"When somebody taints the reputation of people that work for the Macomb County Sheriff's Office it is disappointing," said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham. 

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office says in July of 2018 Stanley was trying to get an inmate into a chair and pushed the man’s head so hard, he got a bloody and swollen nose. 

A little over two months later Stanley was trying to get a different inmate into a restraint chair and the 39-year-old used a Taser on the suspect.

“There’s a use of force policy and from what we saw in the video there was no need at that point to deploy a Taser," Wickersham said.

Stanley has been charged with two charges of assault or assault and battery and is on leave.
The sheriff’s office says a second 25-year-old former employee of the jail had sexual contact with an inmate on three separate occasions and they found evidence that backs that up.

“We immediately removed the individual from our building," Wickersham said. "And my intention from what we saw, from what I saw, he wasn’t going to work here again.”

The man no longer works for the sheriff’s office and has been charged with one count of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct. His name won’t be released until he’s arraigned, which is expected to happen Friday.

Sgt. Stanley has a pretrial set for June 3rd.