2 men shot after attempted robbery on Rutherford, W Chicago

Two men are in the hospital following a shooting Wednesday night on Rutherford and West Chicago.

The pair, ages 17 and 20, said they were approached by three more men who attempted to rob them near Rutherford and West Chicago. When they were threatened to hand over everything they had, the men ran away. 

One was struck in the rear and the other in the right arm. Both were transported to a hospital where they are expected to be okay. 

During the incident, neighbors were present to a hail of gunfire breaching apartments and houses that lined the side of the road. 

"Life is cheap. Life is cheap now. They don't care if you got something or not right now. Today is just a mess," said one man, who found bullet holes in his window and door three houses down. 

The suspect identified as the shooter, is described as a black male wearing green army pants, tan boots and a black puffy coat and hoodie.