2 more sinkholes form outside schools in Macomb Co.

The aging sewer systems in Macomb County have caused two more sinkholes to open up, both outside of schools. 

It's the first full day of class at Eastpointe Middle School, and also the first time many students and their parents are seeing an 8-feet-deep sinkhole right out front.

Crews have since blocked the area off so they can make emergency repairs while keeping the kids who spend much of their day here safe.

"I'm starting to get quite concerned about it with this happening all over this place," Mike Wiley told us, who lives nearby. 

A second sinkhole has also opened up, coincidentally outside another school about 10 miles away on Kingston just south of 14 Mile in Fraser. These are relatively small though, compared to what others in Macomb County have dealt with in the past.

A massive sinkhole swallowed up three homes in Fraser on Christmas Eve in 2016. It caused about $75 million in damage and shutdown 15 Mile for months.

Aging underground infrastructure is likely the root of all these sinkhole situations, which is why crews are now frequently inspecting the sewer lines.

School officials told us the two sinkholes should each take about two weeks to fix. The cost is expected to be just under $50,000.