2 suspects wanted in shooting that killed 1 teen, wounded 3

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On Halloween night - an east side Detroit home turned into a crime scene.

Four teens were shot with a 15-year-old dying from his wounds and police are looking for two suspects. 

"We've got a bad guy out there and he's got a gun," said Cmdr. Eric Decker, Detroit police. "He shot four kids."

Detroit Police say a 15-year old was killed - another 15-year-old and two 16 year olds and are in serious condition at the hospital. 

They're looking for a 26-year-old gunman and another man that was involved.

"It doesn't appear that there is forced entry, it seems that the suspect was inside the house at the time, possibly known by the individuals," Decker said. 

None of the victims lived at this house near Outer Drive and Seven Mile and investigators are piecing together why they were there.  

"Is it a narcotics house are they just hanging here, I don't know all those facts," said Decker.

Detroit Police Commander Erik Decker calls this a tragic situation all around.

"This is Halloween they are at that age where they should be volunteering, they should be helping," Decker said.

"They are supposed to be in school or out trick or treating," said a neighbor who identified himself as Juan. "It's kind of surprising but it happened a lot."

Neighbors say it's a rough neighborhood, but it always hurts when the shootings involve kids.  

Detroit police have not released a description of the suspects they are looking for, but say they're obviously bold. 

"There is somebody out there who had the propensity to shoot four people, kids," Decker said. "So this is certainly a dangerous individual."